2. like errr’ other day lol

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  3. Like errr day lol

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    Ladies you are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made. True freedom comes from acceptance of self… LOVE YOURSELF!

    yes ladies! Fearfully and wonderfully made!!

  6. I used to hate this! Or Whoppi Goldberg when I would wear braids -_-. like really? lol

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  7. wineland:

    #westsidemarket #cleveland

    Cleveland has some great things to do/places to go! Example: The West Side Market! Love this place, has anything you could want (as far as food goes)! Love my city!


  8. blakebaggott:

    Jesus you light up my world like nobody else

    The way that you saved my soul gets me overwhelmed

    And when you died on the cross, it ain’t hard to tell

    That you r-oh-oh-ose.

    And Jesus makes us beautiful


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  9. modestlygorgeous:

    Lol indeed #teamnatural #naturalhair #naturalhairdoescare #curlfriends

    LOL, dead. It’s that struggle though!


  10. Conversation between a missionary from my church and a Pastor he spoke to in Thailand last week

    1. Missionary: What are some ways that we can be helping the persecuted church here in Thailand?
    2. Thai Pastor: What are you worried about that for? What about the persecuted church in America?
    3. Missionary: The church is not persecuted in America...?
    4. Thai Pastor: Yes, it is. The American church is heavily persecuted by riches and business.